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Clickwalk Takeoff

NOTE: Clickwalk is not currently an active project, and may never become one again. It is historic, though, see the front page.

This page is about the Clickwalk Takeoff, planned in 2008, but not carried out

(The picture shows the space shuttle Atlantis, from NASA)

Clickwalk Takeoff - what it is

Clickwalk is in the planning phase of a long awaited period of growth. Extensive development has been prepared, commercially as well as technologically. Our experienced Internet entrepreneurs expect an explosive growth for Clickwalk's type of services, while the sceptics are, well, more sceptical. An established fact though, is that at least two of the three biggest companies on the Internet are both actively developing and launching services that are very similar to Clickwalk's.

Clickwalk presented the world's very first interactive and immersive city walks based on approximately 500 panoramas from the city of Oslo in 1999. Since then, several companies have copied us, and lately on a large scale. So far, however, none of the new services are handling the most important problems that remained to be solved when we presented our service eleven ears ago. We have worked on these problems for many years now, and we have some very novel solutions in the next generation services soon to be ready for launch.

We are very much looking forward to presenting a completely new generation of functionality during the Clickwalk Takeoff, and to sharing the benefits of these services with Net users.

Clickwalk Takeoff - why

When we launched the first version of Clickwalk on the Internet in cooperation with the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, there was nothing remotely like it anywhere. Lots of people were wondering what it could be used for, and we didn't really know all that much ourselves. However, we had some ideas we believed in and wanted to test, and we did this through 1999 and 2000. We experienced that we were too early. Available infrastructure technology, such as browsers and the net itself, was too slow and unstable, and there were just too few users on the Net for this type of service to be useful. We decided to keep developing, keep the service online as it was, and await developments of the Net itself.

Since then, the scene has changed a lot.

  • We have kept on developing Clickwalk in-house, but without launching any new features or services until the time is right.
  • The basic infrastructure of the Internet and browsers have developed to a much more mature level.
  • Net users' interests, needs and skills necessary to utilize a service like Clickwalk have matured.
  • And finally, several large players have developed competing services, most of them copying Clickwalk in great detail.

Therefore, the time will come for the second chapter in the history of Clickwalk: The Clickwalk Takeoff.

Clickwalk Takeoff - what can we tell you?

As mentioned, there are now several Clickwalk-copies on the net, but none om them are particularly innovative. Predictably, new technology has been used, and the most visible change is the interactive panorama browsing. This was actually available to us, tested and functional already in 1999, courtesy of the panorama pioneer Prof. Helmut Dersch. However, we chose not to use it, because, like Clickwalk, it was ahead of its time, and the net couldn't support it in any useful fashion. However, as anyone can see, the panoramas were a basic concept of Clickwalk from the very start, but they are loaded piece by piece as the user clicks to turn around. The panoramas will no doubt continue to be a basic part of Clickwalk.

During the eleven years that have passed since the first launch of Clickwalk, we have learned a lot of interesting stuff about various issues related to this type of service. Not many people have access to the knowledge we have painstakingly acquired, but much of it will be presented when the long countdown for the Clickwalk Takeoff reaches the magic number zero. At that point we will be very busy developing the next version.

In the meantime, since two of the three biggest Internet companies in the world both have implemented some of the most detailed copies of Clickwalk, we will be secretive and mysterious and won't announce any of our innovations until we make them available for everyone to use.

Contact us

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